Coming in October 2021!

It is 1693. Reverend Burroughs manages to escape from Cotton Mather in Salem to the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, New York. While there, he comes upon an enormous, ancient tulip tree aglow with a mysterious aura. Compelled to stay, Burroughs spends his days endlessly reading the Book of Solomon under its twisting branches. One night, while voicing the dark incantations aloud, a cluster of shrieks and groans rise from deep within the roots of the tree. Billowing gasses waft from the earth, solidifying into ghost witches before the Reverend's eyes. They are different from the ghost witches of Salem - a deeper evil emanates from them, a stronger, more sinister force.

Grateful for their liberation from the beyond, the ghost witches whoop and dance. From their lips comes the telling of the tree's power: an eternal power that has existed from the beginning of time and will continue through time's end. They speak of the terrible things to come as they writhe amidst the knotted roots and branches. Burroughs raises a brow, softly demanding the details of this terrible future. Slowly the story takes shape.

In less than 100 years, a war will change the land forever. A great, mounted soldier shall fall. Amongst the roots of this tree he will be laid, save one part: the trophy of his head. The dark energy of the tree will suffuse him, granting him terrible powers and resurrecting him to ride again, a headless horseman, cursed to roam the land seeking out the keeper of his head. A keeper to whom he shall be bound, for whomever controls the head, controls the horseman.

Burroughs recognizes his chance to not only escape Cotton Mather and his witch hunters forever, but also gain the malevolent powers of such an undead horseman. He manipulates the ghost witches by scoffing at the tale they have divulged, accusing them of being powerless and weak. Infuriated, they encircle him and force him into a deep and enduring sleep...

When he finally awakens, precisely 106 years have passed: it is the year 1799.

In Sleepy Hollow, the town is being terrorized by living scarecrows, zombies, and, of course, the Headless Horseman. Another newcomer, besides Burroughs, has arrived in town: Ichabod Crane, a witch hunter by trade! He has been hired by the town elders to rid Sleepy Hollow of the scourge.

In this game, players take the part of either Ichabod Crane and his witch hunters or Reverend Burroughs and the local witches in a deadly contest for possession of the Headless Horseman's skull.